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Twitter is alive with the rumour that May 10th will be the Fed’s march in Central London. Get your leave sorted now.

I am also told via twitter that Home Secretary Theresa May has invoked powers directing that agreement must be reached on 17 of the Winsor Part 2 recommendations by 24th July 2012 and a further 15 of the Winsor Part 2 recommendations by 24th July 2013. I have not seen the official Home Office statement relating to this yet, so I cannot confirm it.

If this is true, it means that we have a short timescale to make a difference. And they are using the Olympics (and the build up to it) as a diversion by the looks of the timing. Disgusting behaviour. Some of the biggest changes to Policing ever suggested, and they’re going to rush them through in an attempt to prevent any challenge.

I have not verified this, but I understand this to mean that the PNB and PAT processes will be completed by those dates and whatever they decide will be brought in (I am happy to be corrected if anyone has confirmation of this, please post a comment below). I will be considering what this means over the next few days and will post an update next week. The time for further action is here.

The first 17 – 46, 47, 48, 50, 51, 54, 64, 74, 83, 86, 87, 88, 89, 94, 103, 112 & 114

46, 47 & 48 are compulsory redundancy

, this is one of the ones which will help end the impartial office of constable, the ‘bedrock’ of British policing to quote our Home Secretary.

50 & 51 relate to chief officer’s contracts not being renewed and the compensation if this is the case.

54 is shortening the pay scales and REDUCING the starting salary of a PC. As well as losing out financially this will encourage more corruption and malpractice, and will not help attract the ‘brightest and best’ as Mr Winsor thinks his review will.

64 is that an elected PCC can raise or lower a chief contable’s pay to some degree.

74 allows chief constables the discretion to pay regional allowances. As I explained previously, regional allowances are designed to keep our pay low, but in a way that is disguised.

83 is the removal of CRTP.

86, 87, 88 & 89 relate to pay progression and bonuses for superintending ranks and above.

94 is the measly 600 quid (before tax, and non-pensionable) for having a gun, being a detective, a neighbourhood officer, or public order trained Having read Mr Rennie’s speech it appears that neighbourhood officers only qualify having been on a team for 3 years. How many of you think you will be kept on a neighbourhood team longer than 2 years 11 months? And this was rejected in Part 1, when it was 1200 quid, so Winsor halved the cost and resubmitted it.

103 will make it possible for the Met to buy out protection officer’s overtime

112 & 114 are both to do with the crummy £15 after 12 free days on call allowance

The other 15 which we have about a years grace on are – 
38, 39, 55, 56, 59, 60, 62, 71, 84, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 101

More on them at a later date.

As a start, everyone as a matter of urgency should be:

1) Approaching their fed reps and getting an understanding of regs, voicing their dissatisfaction, and urging them to go to the National Federation and tell them to SHOW SOME LEADERSHIP AND SOME BALLS.

2) Taking a copy of this blog and the comments to your MP in person, talking to them, and showing them what it really means. Most of them won’t know, because they’ll be listening to Ms May’s nonsense and taking it at face value. At the very least you should be posting them a copy with a personal letter. It won’t take much time to do that, completing a crime report takes longer.

3) Sharing this blog, and any other sites you come across on the internet ( for example) with anyone and everyone. Including Members of the shadow cabinet, public figures and social commentators in the media who might have an interest or could make a difference. This blog has had over 24,000 views in less than a week. It needs ten times that to gain some traction. Get the message out there.

4) Talking to the apathetic among us, the ones who think we’ve already lost, or it’s too much effort, or someone else will do it for them, and changing their minds.

5) Signing this petition and getting everyone you know to do the same

To finish, a quote from ‘MUSO’ who left a comment on my first post:

“I am not a police officer but I do have a close family member who is. I’ve watched that person transform, from a bright beacon of light, enthusiastically facing the challenges of upholding law to barely a glimmer and before long, I fear the tiny flame that lingers, will be extinguished by despair and low morale – forever. Now I don’t need to understand the “technical” detail of changes that have already been implemented and Winsor’s proposals. I can see the consequences with my own eyes and it is blatantly obvious, the government and it’s puppets in high authority in this country’s police forces, are guilty of incompetence and mismanagement of its most valuable asset – it’s police officers. To me it’s tantamount to sabotage. I am “Joe Public” with a tiny bit of insight. If I didn’t have that I would be almost completely unaware of what’s going on and the damage that’s being done to my rights as a citizen to live in a society protected by you the professional servant’s of law and order. A privatised police force? The mere thought chills me to the core. What can you do about it? Well griping on forums like this might make you feel better but that’s all, it won’t change anything. Attend your Federation meetings, turn up in numbers and make your feelings known. When your senior officers turn up at one of these meetings to be greeted by only a handful of “die-hards”, it sends a message to them that you are apathetic towards what is being done to you and they can get away with it and more. That just weakens your Federation and they have no credibility or bargaining power. Pack your meetings, show strength and send a different message to your management. Despite what you might think, the vast majority of law-abiding citizens respect and value the job you do, the sacrifices you make and the risks you take on their behalf. In the end it is “Joe Public’s” opinion that will make the difference. Currently there is no message coming through telling “Joe Public” in clear simple terms, how disastrous all these changes are and exactly what it will mean for them. I can’t hear you – you are but a whisper. Kick your Federation up the backside, write to them, send them this post, go to meetings, support them and galvanise them into action. I want to hear your voice (the Federation) loud and clear. Tell us, the public, how to help you and make it easy for us to do it because in the end we the public, are going to suffer too and are the only ones that can prevent the demolition of the police service. Good luck – I think you’re going to need it.”

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15 Responses to BREAKING NEWS

  1. Pathe says:

    Excellent stuff. Well done.

    I will be going on the demo in May and any other that they organise. Police Officers are restricted in what they can say or do, but partners, familys etc are not. Get them to talk to the media.

    Whilst the bankers and Union workers have gone largely unaffected so far, we have not. I will be about £4,000 a year worse off by the time full pension increases are in place. That is bad enough, but now i have the worry i can be removed at the whim of a desk jockey and lose pay should i get injured by a thug.

    My family comes ahead of my conscience in service ethos, so i can fairly state i will not be winning any bravery awards. This is nothing more than to make us slaves. We have no protection.

    Good on you for standing up.

  2. Anna says:

    Have ANY of them considered what would happen if there was a repeat of last summer’s unrest, and Chief Officers had happily culled officer strength to the bone? Especially if we do win industrial rights and can tell them where to shove their mutual aid, as we are too concerned about being injured and jeopardising our jobs even more.

  3. Stick your 10 commitments up your ar5e you throbber. Total 5hite. says:

    Redundancy? Bring it on. I have 23 in and to be honest I have got to the point where I don’t care any more. I am all worn out. My battery is running low. I have never been so disillusioned with the job as I am now. I am depressed, negative and miserable. Anyway, that’s what my family say so it must be true. The organisation has moved so far away from my own personal moral compass that to be honest I don’t want to be a part of it any more. I never thought it would come to this and It makes me so sad,

  4. Brontosaurus says:

    Apathy is already ruling. The number signed up to the industrial rights petition is pathetic. Please sign the petition

  5. TomWinsorfan club (membership-1) says:

    Thanks God someone realises how fast this is happening,youre doing a fabulous job Sir! Off to sign the petition.
    Also everyone circulate this site to Facebook etc.If we arent careful the wicked witch will chop our legs off before we wake up!!!

  6. Becky Coku says:

    I was a victim of the recent cuts the police faced as a police staff employee of 20 years service i took my rubbish redundancy and joined the queue at the Job Centre. Luckily i have a job but is only temporary and part of the reason i took leaving the job so well was i thought it would save jobs for the coppers. Guess that isn’t the case. It is always the minority that spoil it for the majority. Years of people at the top trying to run a police force like a business but still having jobs for the boys and the highest paid officers getting the cash while the hard workers work overtime for nothing (giving 1/2hr to the queen like she needs it),allowing the lazy officers to stay in a job while 20% do the work for the other 80%. i agree there should b savings but don’t target the loyal, hard working officers who are doing a fantastic job. All u will get is unhappy staff and a low quality police service. Good luck to all my old colleagues riding that huge scary wave till someone comes to their senses

  7. Sparks says:

    The only question I want answered Winsor is if we’re not a specialist employment sector why is it he maintains out human rights should be infringed by act of Parliament?

  8. Someone who wants to make a difference says:

    Again another great update on our plight in this nightmare where Tom Winsor & Theresa May are taking a hatchet to the Great British Police Service!
    I am a fed rep who has made every effort to turn apathetic police officers into fighters for their future but again there are people/officers out there that just want others to take the fight forward for them!
    Why is this we need to work together surely this is common sense or so it should be?!
    I have chased Mp’s & am arranging open meeting & the opportunity for officers to have their say
    So if officers family & friends want the chance to speak frankly to a conservative MP the first I have arranged is with the Crawley Tory MP Henry Smith & this will be on the 27th April at a location to be confirmed so all Crawley residents please respond to your local fed as it will be going out ASAP to Surrey Sussex Met Kent & any others so please please make the effort.
    Contact Surpol fed office For info& support the march on 10th. may
    This is a cause worth fighting for let’s make the effort as its now or never
    Lets hope the nightmare ends soon

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  10. Michael Manette says:

    Wow! I’ve just signed the e-petition number 12,702. Pretty shit really, when you think of how important this is to our profession and to us as Constables. That leaves 123, 298 out of 136,000 officers who really couldn’t give a toss about the future of policing.

    I think it speaks volumes about the apathy of our colleagues, who think that it’s okay to moan about Winsor, Hutton, Government and the good old Federation, but who would rather leave it to someone else to sort the mess out. Must be the same officers who always shout up to go to an immediate, make sure their numbers are on the log, but actually never get there and never seem to deal with the job. Always doing the area search! Judging by this turn out, it’s game over Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Well, I for one will be able to hold my head up high, whilst standing in the dole queue with my former customers, getting high off the fumes from their illegal roll ups. I’ve been to everything from 2007. Not made that much difference, I know, but made me feel good to think that it could. I will be able to look at police officers in the future (If there are any) and say, at least I tried to change things and stop the changes from coming in. It’s not my fault that the vast majority of my colleagues couldn’t be bothered.

    If you don’t want the reforms in the way there coming, then start to get involved. This Government is laughing at us even more because we can’t get interested or organised. Just look at the impact the public sector unions are having. We hardly get a mention; they never seem to be out of the media focus. The Government will believe even more that they can do what they like to us. They already think that they can, as no one seems interested. Lots of hot air but no action, it’s really sad to watch this unfold. We all know where this will end, with your P45 and a thank you coming and don’t let door hit you on the way out.

    Let our voices be heard on May 10TH, and let those of us who give a stuff stand up and be counted in London. Let “Just Call Me Dave” know, “That we are in this together” united as one and that we not are going to roll over and have bellies tickled anymore.

    How’s my spelling TOM? Tel: 999

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